St. George’s Faire 2018 – 16th Annual Borgia Memorial Bocce Tournament

Enter the fun and exciting Tournament to be held at 1 PM on Saturday afternoon outside the Small Hall.

Compete with other participants for the soon-to-be coveted St. Giles Cup.

A sign up sheet will be available in the Small Hall on Friday evening, but there are only 16 slots available so sign up early.

Bocce (Bow Chay) History: The beginnings of Bocce (or Boccie) have been lost over time. However, the English scientist, Sir Francis Petrial, discovered in an Egyptian tomb a painting of what appears to be two boys playing a game in which they were tossing balls or polished stones. The representation has been dated to as early as 5200 BC. (Taly note – could also be Skipping Stones or Marbles still played today.
The game enjoyed a rapid growth throughout Europe, becoming a sport played by nobility and peasants alike. During the Middle Ages its popularity seems to have spread to the point of obsession, because it was stated that it interfered with the security of the state of many kingdoms as it took too much time away from archery practice and other military exercises.
A Bocce set is composed of one small “target ball” called a Pallino, size of a golf ball, and Bocce balls, size of a husked Coconut, for each player.
Open Bocce can be played on any terrain/field/surface. The Pallino is thrown out, any distance and in any direction the thrower chooses. Each player in turn throws their Bocce trying to get as close to the Pallino as possible and/or knocking another player’s Bocce away from the Pallino. Points are awarded for the player(s) whose Bocce is closest to the Pallino.

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