The story of Mathom Trove actually goes back many years, even before the Current Middle Ages. The lands known to us today as Vynicorne’s Keype and Hospyce were settled and established by Taliesynne Nychyswrh many years ago. For a long time the lands lay uninhabited while Taliesynne traveled the Knowne world finding notoriety and acclaim.

Meanwhile, Knikolos Major, a native of the St. Johns River valley, was studying Heraldry with Lord Dafydd Seren yr Draig in An Crosaire. Knikolos introduced his friends Elom Eikenskjalde and Ara Arisdottir to the goode folke of An Crosaire and the ways of the Canton of Mathom Trove.

In August of AS XIII Knikolos returned from his travels to Major Manor. Along with Elom and Ara the incipient canton was founded with Knikolos as the first Seneschal. The canton consisted of all the lands of the St. Johns River Basin – North to Blackthorne, South to Sirrush Mir, West to An Crosaire and east to the sea. At Yuletide of the same year Taliesynne, now a Master of the Pelican and Founding Baron Wyvernwood returned to the Keype to re-establish his holdings and informed the novice canton that they were living nearly on the very lands of Vynicorne’s Keype. He then guided the canton in its formation in the roll of its first Herald. The name Mathom Trove was chosen, meaning “Place of Earthly Treasures” and the Armes, Badge and Flag were submitted and passed.

By this time An Crosaire had become large and a Barony was to be formed. Sir Tetsuo and Mistress Kimineko were crowned Baron and Baroness An Crosaire at Mathom Trove’s first event in April, AS XIII, held at the Keype. Also at this Event Knikolos received an Award of Armes and became Protege to Master Taly.

After a time Tonialydd joined Mathom Trove and became its second Seneschal. Knikolos left to travel the Known World. Mathom Trove had attained some reputation as a place of learning and goode revelry,

In the years XV and XVI this reputation was bolstered greatly bye Master Taly’s founding of the Norrey Academie of Armory for the study of Heraldry and by many events and revels. During this time the population was increased by Diego Francisco Alvarez and Robin Foxxe of Cantshire, both students of Theatric Arts, and Moria Branwyn an Irish adept in the study of Metaphysic phenomenea.

At Yuletide of XVI, the Seneschalate had had passed to Diego, Lord Knikolos had returned, and a revel was _ planned to celebrate the prosperity of the Canton. The feast was autocrated by Moira and decorations of the Season were provided by Gafyn Meridudd a gentle well learned in flora and horticulture, original plans called for 25-30 guests, In fact, eight-seven goode gentles were welcomed that night.

Spring of XVI brought with it an Award of Armes for Diego, the Seneschalate to Moira and Dorcas Leslie, the Widoe, from the West back to her native home. The Anniversary of Mathom Trove was transformed into the St, George Faire. This event is meant as a recreation of earlier times. We find it fun to dress in the garb of the 1350’s and live as those of Ancient Days. Perhaps someday there will be interest among the people to re-create many earlier times, Maybe there will be a Society to create these Anachronisms.