St. George's Faire 2011 - Feast Menu

Friday Night Traveler's Fare:

  • Norse Pies from Viandier of Taillevent (shredded beef with fresh cheese, currants, parsley and onions, in a pie crust with cinnamon-butter)
  • Cream fritters from Le Menagier

Breakfast Saturday:

  • An Herbal Dish of Eggs from Menagier de Paris (Eggs with cheese, parsley, spinach, sage, marjoram and a little ginger)
  • Braised ham
  • Fresh bread
  • Fresh fruit
  • Tea and coffee

Feast Saturday:

1st Service:

  • Steamed mussels with verjuice, fresh parsley and pepper
  • Mushroom tarts with cheese
  • Olives and Sciaenas
  • Cress and Mint with Vinegar (salad)
  • Soup of New Peas with smoked bacon and croutons
  • Sausages

2nd Service:

  • White Leeks (braised leeks in almond milk)
  • Roast Beef with Green garlic sauce
  • Manchet rolls


3rd Service:

  • Jacobin Sops (hot, open-faced sandwiches of sliced bread, covered with melted cheese, and then doused with shredded chicken and herb gravy. Divine.)
  • Grilled Pears with Fine Spices
  • Cheese Waffles (waffles flavored lightly with white wine and stuffed with Brie)
  • Taillis (a sliced, steamed bread pudding with dried cherries and almonds)


  • candied orange peel
  • candied lemon peel
  • quince paste
  • Jordan almonds
  • almond and walnut spiced honey candy
  • spice comfits
  • wafers


  • Bouchet - spiced honey-water from Le Menagier
  • Sweet Tisane - flavored barley-water from Le Menagier
  • Hypocras - spiced wine

Link to the Feast Steward's blog which MIGHT have a more up-to-date version of the feast menu