St. George's Faire 2012 - Youth Crested Helm Tourney

The Canton of Mathom Trove would like to welcome any and all to the first annual Youth Crested Helm Tournament.

Crested Helms are the Heart of the Faire
The lists at St. George are based upon the Baston Course, or Kolbenturnier of the 15th Century. The object of the Lists is to batter off the crest of an adversary. Probably developed from the Judicial Combats, on foot, for the lower classes using the Kolben or Baston (club). Based on 14th century sources, the Ladies play an integral part in the Lists at St. George Faire. In Procession onto the field, the Ladies lead their Fighters by chains or cords. And, in 13th century fashion, these same Ladies act as judges and present the Prizes. As well did they judge the Crests in the Helmschau.

Crest Construction
Period helm crests were ribbed, fanlike, feathers, bird wings, banners, branches, horn, sculpted animals or human forms, often only the upper part of the body or without the forelegs or arms. The herauldic crest apeared in the last quarter of the 13th century, generally after 1325.

Rules of the Lysts

  • All entrants must have completed Event Registration prior to the start of the Lyst.
  • All entrants must have a consort present during the Tourney.
  • As this is the inaugural Crested Helm Youth Tournament at St. George’s, a crest will be provided to the participants.
  • Crests must be attached to the helm in such a manner that they can be removed with one "killing" blow. A means of attachment will be provided for the entrants.
  • Test blows will be administered.
  • Any weapon style is allowed, NO thrusting. Only cutting/striking edge can be used to remove a crest. This assumes that the cutting/striking edge is identifiable. Please keep in mind that it is possible for the fighter to knock his/her own crest off.
  • Tourney styles will be selected by the Marshal and the Justiciar; dependent upon the number of fielded fighters: Round Robin, Single or Double Elimination. Each bout is won by a single "kill," unless it is a draw.
  • Please keep in mind that there may or may not be age categories, depending upon the number of entrants.
  • While will not be required for taller participants to take a knee when fighting those of smaller stature; it will be upon the honor of the participants.
  • Prizes are claimed based on how they ranked in the Tourney. Customarily the fighters' Ladies choose the prize. If there are sufficient prizes, additional rounds of prize selection may occur.
  • A special medallion fashioned by Mistress Sophia will be awarded the Victor in Court.