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Chabi Merkit
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SCA History: 
In the year 1184, the Merkit Tribe stole Borte from Temuchin (later to be known as Chingis Khan). Temuchin allied with the Kerait Tribe to fight against the Merkits and reclaim his beloved Bride. Once Borte was safely back, Temuchin ended the campaign. Unfortunately, this was not the last time the Merkits would rival Temuchin. In 1217, Chingis Khan warred with neighboring nomad tribes to unite tem under his banner. The last tribe to rival him was the Merkit. Remembering past transgressions, Chingis Khan ordered the Merkit Tribe to be slaughtered to the last man. General Subadai completed the orders of his Khan with a vengence. The few women and children left were taken by the Keriat Tribe who settle in the area south of Lake Baikal. In 1268, a daughter was born to one of the last survivors of the Merkit Tribe. She was named Chabi, After Khubia Khan's favorite wife. She grew up as all Mongol children... learning to ride, shoot and take care of the animals and gher. Soon her headstrong nature became evident, she chose not to marry but to follow the warriors path. Finally, bored with the nomad life on the steppes, Chabi followed the lure of the Khan's Courts in Daidu near Peking. In 1290 she joined in several campaigns against Korea, Japan and South Asia. Since then she was seen headed out with the army to battle the Persians and follow the Silk Road to the West.