SCA Name: 
Roibeard mac Sluaghadháin
SCA Title: 
SCA History: 
Roibeard is an Irish bastard of some small fame whose mother had a sense of humor (Roibeard = bright fame; mac = son of; sluaghadháin = a small raid). Roibead came to Trimaris during that kingdom’s Golden Age and could often be found on the back porch at Wewa with a bottle in one hand and a wench in the other. During this time he became known as “that damned Irishman.” He has been a mercenary (mead is goooood) and a pirate when the mercenary trade slacked off. Currently Roibeard hides out lives in the Barony of An Crosairé and spends his spare time traveling the north of Trimaris sewing seeds of sedition and treason.