SCA Name: 
Taliesynne Nychymwrh yr Anghyfannedd o'Llanrhyddlad
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SCA History: 
Baron Taliesynne and his Hospytallers reside at the Hospyce of Vynecorne's Keype in this year of 1353 of the Roman reckoning. The Manor house of the Keype provides a home base -- a Guild house as it were -- for a number of artists and craftsmen, although they are more likely to be found playing their arts and trade around Trimaris than in residence. But their peregrinations provide revenue for the Hospyce and Mihangel Abbey of the Secular Michalines (CSSM). The Keype is part of the Palantinate Llanrhyddlad held by Baron Taliesynne under Crown Grant and Deed from Duke Orlando. It adjoins the Canton of Mathom Trove, but is as likely a piece of Wales, thanks to Breyr Taliesynne's Cymric heritage, as you are likely to find in Trimaris, sometimes known as St. Brendan's Isle. This is the Here and Now. What came before is for -- and of -- another time.